AmeriShield CX Face Shields

Comfortable, lightweight protection for safety-conscious consumers.

AmeriShield CX Face Shields

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  • Ultra-thin clear laminate made of lightweight .0052" thickness OPE optical polyester
  • Flexible–easily wraps around the contours of your forehead.
  • Polyester laminate dimensions: 11" wide x 9.5" tall, with rounded corners.
  • Face shield laminate can be cut to any custom size with common household scissors.
  • Fog-, glare-, and crease-resistant.
  • Comes with 1" x 1.5" thick foam head strip (strip is 9" long)
  • Comes with a one size fits all elastic cord.
  • Easily accommodates eyeglasses
  • Ultra lightweight for your comfort. Unit weight: 0.6 oz/17 gm.
  • Assembly required - view instructions.

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Made in the USA Proudly made in Pennsauken, NJ, USA

AmeriShield CX

Keep your family safe with AmeriShield™ CX consumer-grade face shields. Our lightweight face shields provide protection from sprayed particles you may encounter during your daily errands. They are made with OPE optical polycarbonate laminate so you can view your smartphone or computer screen without the distortion many PET face shields can cause. Perfect for indoor use, and versatile enough to be used outdoors.

Our ultra-thin laminate is so flexible it easily wraps around the contours of your forehead–protecting the front and sides of your face. Our shields come unassembled–just apply the foam to one side and insert the elastic band through the pre-drilled holes of the shield and you’re ready to go! They’re easy to wipe clean with bleach, ammonia, peroxide, or soapy water for repeat use.

AmeriShield CX face shields are made for use by:

Safety-conscious consumers • Schools • Choral groups • Office staff • Retail staff • Anyone with frequent short-duration protection needs

Pack of 6
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Includes easy user assembly instructions.

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